Black’s accompanying app and global asset register, allows you to request the location of your asset at the simple touch of a button as well as maintain a single source inventory of all your valued assets at no additional cost.


Wiring the device into your asset is an easy installation. The Orchid™ device has a set of two wires (red and black) and one antenna exerting from a slim line switchboard.


Once your Orchid™ has been installed and registered, you are now ready to locate! Upon initial subscription please allow up 24 hours for the activation of your device to be processed and accepted within the Black system.

Global Asset Register

Providing a central point for all your relevant information we utilise GPS and GSM frequencies to locate your valuable assets. Our global asset register will act as a searchable directory, where you can simply register your assets on a global register and they will be aligned to your unique Orchid™ codes. Buy now.

Website App

The location of your Orchid™ device is accessible from your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Its elegant and simple user interface allows you to track the location of one, or all of your assets at the touch of a button. Download app.