How to guide, for installing your Black Orchid™

Orchid has been designed to fit discreetly inside the powerhouse of any battery operated asset, this guide will provide an easy step by step breakdown of how to install and use your device.

It’s as easy as:

     Activate your Orchid™ chip through the app here.

     Install the chip in to your asset by connecting to the power supply.              

     Locate  your asset using GPS and GSM technologies. 


Black's accompanying app and global asset register, allows you to request the location of your asset at the simple touch of a button as well as maintain a single source inventory of all your valued assets at no additional cost.

Once a device has been purchased simply visit our web app to register. The app will provide you with a central point to manage all assets and once an Orchid™ has been assigned, locate your assets at the touch of a button.

To begin a subscription, simply enter all required information into the fields provided – remember, the more information provided the greater protection you will enable for your assets.

Once all required information has been obtained and your device subscription has been submitted Black International will review and approve, activating your subscription for that specific device. You are now ready to start locating!


Wiring the device into your asset is an easy installation. The Orchid™ device has a set of two wires, red (positive) and black (negative) and one antenna exerting from a slim line switchboard.

First things first, you must decide where the device will be installed. Orchid’s™ point of difference from other location devices is its size; Orchid™ has been designed to fit inside the body of the smallest battery powered tools. It is important to remember GPS signal quality may deteriorate through metal surfaces so where possible avoid installing directly beneath this material, however the GPS signal will penetrate glass, plastic, foam, fiberglass, and timber.

To begin installation, remove your Orchid™ device from the packet. Once decided which asset you would like the device installed inside, find a section to connect directly to the power supply. Note this should have a positive and negative port, these will connect to the red wire (positive and the black wire (negative).

Securely attach the two wires to the corresponding points within your battery powered asset that will receive a constant power supply, (see wiring diagram/ video for examples). Please note; the transceiver can receive a minimum of 3.5 VDC and a maximum 18 VDC. Feed each wire directly into the power supply and secure using the “poke and wrap” technique. Once connected you will see a green light on the device which indicates you have wired the device correctly and it is in an ‘awake’ mode/state, ready to request location co-ordinates. If the wires have been connected incorrectly, a red light will appear. Simply unwire the red and black wires and swap them around, reconnecting them to the powered points of your asset. Note; the device will not light up if there is no battery power connected to the asset. Place the antenna in a flat position ensuring that it is not creased or folded.

Once the device has been correctly installed close your asset ensuring ample discreteness of the Orchid™ device.


Once your Orchid™ has been registered to an asset in your registrar and correctly installed, you are now ready to locate! Upon initial subscription please allow up 24 hours for the activation of your device to be processed and accepted within the Black system.

Your Device is now live. Locating your asset is seamless. Simply log in to your Black global asset register to view a full inventory of your assets and any associated Orchid™ devices. Select the asset you would like to locate by clicking ‘Request Location’ your request button will then change to ‘requested’ whilst your device is in its locating state. Locating may take up to 30 minutes and once a location is retrieved will present the latest GPS co-ordinates and visual location on Google maps in your app. The subscribed account holder will also receive emailed verification of the GPS location,, with a link also supplied to the map.

If your asset cannot retrieve its location, this may be due to lack of cellular service or the battery being disconnected. Within 72 hours if either of these issues is resolved and available the location will be retrieved, providing its latest requested location. Request mode will reset after 72 hours if the device location was not found.

For further information visit our FAQ’s.